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Big lads with big hearts...

When Merewether Carlton Rugby Club - the famous GREENS - embarked on a rugby tour of Argentina it was the start of a Hands On Humanity project like no other!

We offered the Greens the opportunity to get Hands On with our good friends at the HSP Orphanage in Buenos Aires. The boys were unanimous in their decision to take a little time out of their touring schedule to make a real difference to some lads who have grown up in the poorest of shanty towns in the biggest city in Argentina.

We threw down a challenge to the Greens to come up with 10 pairs of rugby boots each (there were 38 in the touring squad) that they could give to the boys from HSPO.

With the support of the local Newcastle folks, the Greens excelled themselves and we were thrilled to be able to freight 403 pairs of (almost) squeaky clean rugby boots to Buenos Aires.

After being triumphant at the tournament in Tandil, the MCRC boys were keen to return to Buenos Aires to play Santa Claus to the lads from the orphanage. A great day of footy and friendship was had by all - and I do have it on good authority that a tear or two was shed when it was time to say goodbye.

We’re super happy to report that the MCRC have pledged to continue to support Hands On Humanity & the boys from the HSP Orphanage and a return visit is already in the making.

Onya boys!

You did us proud and you brought smiles and good times to others in need.

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