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To put it simply, Certified B Corp companies put:








The Australian Group Travel Company B Corp Certified
We are a Certified B Corp - and super proud of it

What is a B Corp?


B Corporations are a new kind of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.


There are over 1000 Certified B Corporations from more than 60 industries in 34 countries with 1 unifying goal – “to redefine success in business”.


Why B Corp matters


Our vision is simple yet ambitious: people using business as a force for good.

The Australian Group Travel Company B Corp Certified

Why we became a B Corp



We became a B Corp to join a movement of other companies who hold values similar to ours and to collaborate with other businesses who are truly committed to helping to solve the world's problems through their operations.


The most exciting ...


We are walking amongst giants!


Ben & Jerry's - Patagonia - Etsy ... just to name drop a few!


The opportunity to collaborate with some of the most influential and inspirational social ChangeMakers of our time is incredibly exciting.  We look forward to sharing these experiences with you and your students.

Why is this important? 


We seek to partner with teachers to influence and shape the education and career pathways of young Australians and by doing so, to equip them to lead rewarding lives of purpose and prosperity.


We think that's pretty important work! 

To receive certification


To receive B Corp certification our company had to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency & accountability.  


Our certification assures you that we 'walk the talk'. 

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