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Meet our dedicated team
Director The Australian Group Travel Company
Caroline O'Brien

Creator and co-owner


"It is enormously satisfying to know that every person, in every group, who travels with us, has an experience that is not only great fun, but one that teaches valuable life lessons and has equipped them well for the future".

My biggest (most recent) challenge:

The Kokoda Track - with my daughter, Hayley. AMAZING!!! BRILLIANT! LOVED IT!


A few of my favourite places:

  • Canada - winter on the BC ski fields trying to keep up with my tribe of snowboarders - what's not to love?

  • Thailand - off the tourist route, amazing places and being with inspiring people

  • Battlefield touring - anywhere, anytime. It's the history junkie in me

  • Vietnam - the roads less travelled and the incredible people making positive change

  • Vanuatu - off the beaten track and on board with super community tourism initiatives

  • Namibia - love, love, love it.  All the African big ticket items in a peaceful and welcoming country


My current Bucket List:

  • WW1 Battlefields by motorbike - my husband is a big fan of this one; I get history and he gets to ride :) 

  • Start and grow a charity motorbike ride - watch this space, it's underway

  • Antarctica - fingers crossed

Vanuatu International School Tours


Pascal Guillet


Thailand International School Tours


June Biden


Director The Australian Group Travel Company
Lisa Balcomb


"I have travelled to the many corners of the world and unearthed incredibly unique experiences and met many truly inspiring ChangeMakers.  Being able to share this with you, and help you develop responsible, game changing young adults is the best job in the world". 

A few of my favourite places:


  • Jordan - a venture into the unknown, Jordan was a huge surprise. LOADS of history, a life-changing visit to the Dead Sea PLUS the incredible World Heritage Site of Petra.....truly amazing!

  • Vietnam - so many opportunities to learn more about YOURSELF through humanitarian deeds, Australia's modern war history and cultural and culinary delights!

  • Indonesia - truly my second home!  Learning the language, volunteering in various projects, spending time observing the local Orangutan population in Sumatra and actively supporting Fair Trade & ethically produced products's been a 35 year love affair for me!

  • Europe - the history, the architecture, the food, the culture!  Europe is truly a living classroom.


My current Bucket List:

  • USA - a musical journey through Nashville, Memphis and the Deep South

  • India -  colour, culture, & exploration of social & environmental initiatives

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Thuy Luong


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Kush Singh


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Dek Dek School of Rock

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Dek Dek School of Dance

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