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FUTURE READY EDucation - Student Summit - 'FRED Talks'


FUTURE READY Student Summit* - Silicon Valley

 FRED Talks

Ideas worth learning 

Transforming those who will transform the world

*Incorporated in Future Ready Tours

The FRED Talks - Student Summit is a

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your students to learn from game changing professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators in an intimate and engaging environment.

At the FRED Talks - Student Summit 

inspiring leaders will share their stories, their expertise and their recommendations for surviving and thriving in the global marketplace. 

The FRED Talks - Student Summit will open students' minds to previously unimagined possibilities, and open doors to exciting, rewarding and purposeful career pathways.

FRED Essentials

Inspiring, informative, entertaining talks 

exploring new opportunities and career pathways in:




Arts & Design 

Maths & Commerce

Learn how to develop:

The most valued skills for the global workplace 

Strategies for success

Business models that address global issues

Meet with:

Successful Silicon Valley innovators 

Game-changing entrepreneurs

Impactful investors

Social entrepreneurs

Business leaders of the global B Corp community

Student leaders from world renowned universities

FRED Essentials

Vietnam International School Tours

Location: Silicon Valley, California, USA

Duration: 2 days

The FRED Talks - Student Summit takes place:

Dates for 2017:

Sept/Oct school holidays 2017

Dates for 2018:

April school holidays

Sept/Oct school holidays

Exclusive for Year 10s:

Nov 2017 

Nov 2018

Estimated cost:*

The FRED Talks - Student Summit is incorporated in the Future Ready Tour experience. 

FRED Essentials

Europe International School Tours

Be challenged - get involved:

Pre-tour you will be set a challenge by Santa Clara University School of Social Entrepreneurship to present your own solution to a real-life social, civic or environmental issue.  


You'll be giving your own FRED Talk to present your research & solution! 


Dynamic & evolving 21st Century career pathways

How to prosper in the global community & workplace

Opportunities for tertiary study in the USA

Campus life

Connect & Collaborate:

With peers from a Silicon Valley high school

With student change makers of Santa Clara University

Ensure your students are 


Participation is limited.

To secure your school's position at the 2017 or 2018

FRED Talks - Student Summits please contact us today.

To protect the uniqueness of our journeys, and the valued personal connections and partnerships we have been privileged to accrue over many years, we don't display itineraries on our website. 


Are you passionate about ensuring your students are Future Ready?  

If so, we'd love to hear from you.  
Please contact us to learn more.  

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