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We do not compromise on safety or quality

“Quality is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. 


It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


William A. Foster

Our modus operandi is quite simple - we do not compromise on safety or quality.  


If you are shopping around for the cheapest quote for your next tour, you won't find it here.  

We don't compromise your students' safety or the quality of their experience to save a few dollars.


If you seek to engage us in a price war with another travel company we won't play ball. 

We know it's impossible to compare 'apples with apples' when it comes to comparing our journeys with those of other operators. 


If you are looking for exceptional value for money based on quality inclusions and the highest standards of safety and security then we'd love to hear from you. 


Take a look at our list of what we DO and DO NOT include on all our journeys....


Quality Airlines

We use airlines that are well recognised for their safety, flexible group travel conditions and reliable operations.



We do NOT use low cost carriers or airlines with a poor safety record.  

Quality Local Operators 

We use reputable, fully licenced, local operators, chosen for their specialist knowledge and the integrity of their operation. 



We do NOT use unlicenced, inexperienced or unknown tour operators.

Quality Tour Leader Tips

Tips for Tour Leaders is a must–have guide that helps to ensure the safety, smooth running and success of your tour.  Years in the making, it's a must have for teachers on the go.


We do NOT send you on your way ill prepared for your journey.


Quality Transport 

We use private motorcoaches with professional drivers. Vehicles are compliant with safety, licencing, maintenance & insurance regulations.


We do NOT use public transport, nor risk hiccups to the daily scheduling on tour.

Quality Local Guides 

Our local tour guides are born & raised in the regions you'll travel to. They are hand picked for their excellent local knowledge and kid-friendliness!


We do NOT use guides who are inflexible or simply waiting to be tipped.

Quality Daily Tour Updates

We operate a secure-access On Tour Blog for families and school members to follow your journey.  Mums & dads love to share the experience vicariously.



We do NOT leave anyone wondering what's happening.

Quality Accommodation 

We use quality accommodation that is well located, provides in-house security and is in keeping with the culture of the regions you are visiting.


We do NOT use youth hostels, second rate, dubious or poorly located hotels.

Quality Travel Insurance 

We include the highest possible level of travel insurance from Australia's most reputable and reliable insurers. 



We do NOT use a no frills alternative to keep our costing down.

Quality Time

Because we limit the number of school's we work with each year, we maximise the time we have to spend collaborating with you in the exciting pre tour stage.


We do NOT seek a high turnover of clients.

Quality Meals

To ensure the good health and energy of students on tour we include 3 delicious meals each day with a good variety of local and western cuisine. 


We do NOT exclude meals to give you a seemingly cheaper quotation. 

Quality Tour Manager's Folder

We provide our teachers with a comprehensive Tour Managers Folder chock full of helpful information on absolutely every aspect of the tour.


We do NOT leave our teachers unsupported or uninformed.



Quality Communication

We will regularly visit you at your school - we know how busy you are. Consultations, Tour Information Presentations, Documentation Days - we enjoy it all very much.


We do NOT ever leave you in the dark or burdened with work.

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