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Risk Management

If you are contemplating taking a group of students overseas, the idea of tackling a Risk Management Submission need not be a daunting thought.


We recognise the importance of risk management and the fundamental part it plays in the process for gaining approval for the tour and the ultimate success of the tour.

We assist you every step of the way to ensure your Risk Management strategy is easy to compile, comprehensive and effective.


We will provide you with specific supporting documentation that covers all aspects of your tour including:


Safety: regular checks with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to monitor the suitability and safety of destinations.


Travel Insurance: we strongly recommend that all passengers take out travel insurance at the time of booking and we can assist you with this.

Experienced & Licensed Guides: where applicable, we can provide you with operator licence details, years of experience, Working with Children compliance and referees.


Activities Undertaken on Tour: for each activity you participate in on tour we can provide the credentials, compliance to safety standards, licencing details, insurance details and operational details of all local operators.


Places Visited on Tour: where applicable, we will assist you in identifying any know potential risks or hazards that might exist in the places you are visiting and strategies that are in place to minimize the risk of incident. For example: Trekking in Kokoda – we provide a comprehensive guide to training, personal readiness, recommended clothing and footwear.


Accommodation: we make a point of selecting hotels, lodges and guest houses that represent the local character and culture of the place you are visiting. They are often family run and accustomed to hosting visiting school groups. We are able to provide you with details that outline their industry compliance to issues such as safety, evacuation and security.


Comprehensive Passenger Details: prior to your departure, we will provide you with a Tour Manager Folder that will have relevant passenger details such as passport details, special dietary and health requirements, special travel requirements and rooming lists.


Financial Management of Tour: we will clearly outline our payment schedule and provide several options for making tour payments.


Transport: we only engage the services of transport providers who hold current licence, insurance and safety compliance certification and are highly experienced in their field. In some countries, such as Asia, we utilise the services of the reputable ‘traditional’ transport options which may include rickshaw rides, cyclo rides and river cruising.


School Specific: Please let us know if you school or Education Department has any additional specific requirements and we will be happy to assist with this.


Information Distribution: We will meet with you regularly throughout the whole process. From an initial planning session, to a formal Tour Information Evening for students and Parents, and ongoing Progress Meetings – you can be assured of a constant and thorough stream of information between us.


A Pre Departure Meeting is a very exciting event where we distribute the amazing Travel Wallets and Tour Documentation to all students.


Prior to departure, we provide a copy of your important tour details to your Principal. We also keep the Principal updated on a daily basis as to the great time everyone is having on tour.


Comprehensive Tour Managers Folder: Prior to travel, we provide our teachers with a very detailed Tour Managers Folder that is filled with helpful and important information including:


  • Student – emergency contacts, medical conditions, dietary requirements

  • Destination Guides – specific to each country you are visiting

  • Airline Information – group seating arrangements, special meal requests, aircraft type, airport maps, airline contact details

  • Birthdays on tour – a special surprise is arranged

  • Rooming lists

  • Embassy details in each country visited

  • Smart Traveller information – the latest from the Australian Government

  • Travel Insurance – policy details for all students

  • Passport photocopies

  • Group checklists


You will also receive a copy of our own Tips for Tour Leaders booklet. This book has been compiled over the many years we have been working with school groups. It is made up of amazing tips, ideas and recommendations from both our team and our teachers over the years.


Tips for Tour Leaders is a must–have guide that helps to ensure the safety, smooth running and success of your tour.


By providing you with comprehensive risk management advice prior to departure, you will have the information necessary to guide you with decision making and management strategies on tour.

 “The trip was fantastic, meticulously organised and well planned.


I am very grateful for all of your hard work and preparation – it made my job much easier!”


Ms Jodi Arrow

North Sydney Girls High School

Risk Management
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