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We have 3 distinctive journeys.  

Future Ready | Hands On Humanity | Adopt A Digger
You may choose to do one exclusively - or - a combination of experiences from all three.  

Global Innovators


 bring STEAM content to life by engaging students in real world applications taking them beyond the classroom and into the realm of work and careers.

Hands On Humanity

engage students in sustainable community development projects that nurture empathy and awareness, build bridges of friendship and foster cross cultural collaboration.

Hands On Humanity


connect students with those who gave their lives for the privileges we enjoy today.  Culminating in on-tour commemorations, students gain perspective for leading purposeful lives. 

Our impact


Our business is all about

doing good while doing good.  

Over the years, together with our amazing schools, we've made quite an impact .... 

We've packed countless backpacks for our
Pack With A Purpose


What can our journeys do for you?

Bring your lessons to life

We transform core subject material into interactive & international learning experiences that are relevant, thought provoking and phenomenally good fun.

Fast forward students' learning

Inspired by progressive educators, Sir Ken Robinson and company, our journeys promote creativity & innovation, collaboration, critical thinking & communication.  

Give you
the world

 Through participation in unique projects and experiences your students will gain new perspectives & develop important skills for becoming global citizens.

Connect with superstars

Our journeys connect students to inspiring people, places and organisations who are shining examples of how to create lives of purpose and prosperity.

What makes us distinctively different?

Been there 

Done that

We've travelled the world to source the best possible experiences for you.  

Our journeys include 
remarkable people, unique places and amazing activities that you simply won't find in any tour brochure! 

Runs on
the board

Schools from all over Australia re- book with us every year.  It's something we are pretty chuffed about.  Take a look who's travelled with us recently and hear what they say about us.  You can rest assured you are in excellent hands.

Supporting brighter futures

Our journeys patronise
 remarkable social and environmental initiatives that provide education, vocational training and dignified employment for those in need in the countries we visit. These are rich and rewarding experiences for all involved.  

Treat you like you're family

We limit the number of groups we send away each year.  This gives us plenty of time to get to know you and to create a journey that accurately reflects your school's values and vision.  It's all about quality rather than quantity.


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